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Food Security and Livelihoods

FIASO aims to reduce and end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, through promoting sustainable agriculture through addressing food security and livelihood needs. Food Security and livelihoods needs in South Sudan remains a major concern due to the protracted crisis in the country were communities are being impacted due to limitations of access to farm lands, markets, farming tools and inputs, capacity on modern farming and fishing methods etc. Leaving most of the communities more vulnerable to hunger, malnutrition and poverty. FIASO is committed to improving food security and restoration of livelihoods of the most vulnerable communities in South Sudan by working:

- To increase household food availability and accessibility through seed multiplication practices, and enhancing modern farming practices to maximize production, and increase yields by offering modern techniques trainings and farming inputs including in fishing, forestry, crop production, and animal husbandry.

- To enhance the households income of vulnerable communities through Cash Transfers/Cash for Assets Programming, Income Generating Activity (IGAs), VSLA and formation of Cooperative Societies.

- To improve households nutrition/dietary needs through kitchen gardening or vegetable growing at household level.

- To empower vulnerable women and youth with entrepreneurial skills and SME income support.

Upcoming Events

FIASO Mid-Year Learning Symposium

FIASO Mid-Year Learning Symposium

"Serving humanity "